Switzerland is one of the principal international marketplaces for wealth management, with a share of around 25% of the world market.

Rouvier Associés has a subsidiary in Lausanne, run by two partners of the company. This entity was authorised by the FINMA in June 2014.

Rouvier Associés distributes its funds Rouvier Valeurs, Rouvier Europe and Rouvier Evolution via Private Banks, Management Companies, Family Offices and IFAs.

Our investment strategy is presented to the professional investors community every year in Geneva and Lausanne.

Rouvier Valeurs has been approved by the FINMA with a view to public distribution in Switzerland since 2007, Rouvier Europe since 2010, and Rouvier Evolution since 2013. Carnegie Fund Services SA, Geneva, represents these three funds in Switzerland.


How to subscribe in Switzerland

If you are an investor :

  • an individual investor: via your bank, your independent manager, your Family Office
  • a professional investor (independent manager, Family Office, private bank, institutional): via your deposit bank


Get the documentation

All of the regulatory and commercial documentation is available in French and German.

Tel.: +41 (0) 21 320 90 24  info.ch@rouvierassocies.com    www.rouvierassocies.com

All regulatory documentation is obtainable from our representative in Switzerland, Carnegie Fund Services S.A. (www.carnegie-fund-services.ch).





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Apart from the fact that this base gives access to a large pool of savings, it provides the company with many contacts with a view to investment in first rate companies.


Rouvier Associés is present in Germany via its branch in Bonn.